Resident Involvement

We want residents to have a genuine influence over the housing services we deliver and to give them real choice over the factors that shape their neighbourhoods.


The Resident Involvement Board is open to any resident. The board is contacted to assess and comment on the Associations  policies, promises, newsletters and various other matters and documents that may arise. It is a chance for residents to bring forward their own ideas and thoughts on how the Association can improve its services to residents.

Resident Involvement enables us to provide a more responsive service, which reflects the needs and priorities of residents and offers:

  • better value for money – because listening to our residents identifies the standards of service that are expected from us and prevents resources being wasted or unwanted or inappropriate services
  • enhanced accountability – not only to residents but also to other stakeholders such as local authorities
  • improved prospects for community regeneration – because investment in bricks and mortar will not make a lasting impact unless the community is involved in identifying needs and deciding priorities

Further details regarding our board can be found within our Terms of Reference.

If you would like any further information or would like to get involved please contact us, alternatively to become a member please complete our application form.