About us

We manage over 150 affordable homes in villages across Leicestershire.

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We have been providing good quality affordable homes to individuals and families in Leicestershire  since 2001.

But there is more to our work than looking after your home.  We also help create communities where you can feel safe and supported.

We do this by:

  • listening to your ideas and views about how you want our services to be delivered. No-one understands what matters most more than you.
  • backing up our housing with a range of support services for residents who need help to live securely and independently.

Tackling financial exclusion is a major part of our work, and we offer advice and support on a range of money-related matters.

Finally, we deliver value for money in all our areas of work. This means we run our organisation carefully and efficiently so that you get the best homes and housing services with the resources we have.