If your sink is blocked, have a go at clearing it yourself before calling us.

  1. In a dry sink, pour at least one cup of baking soda down the plughole.  Then pour two cups of boiling water and wait a few minutes.  Next pour another cup of baking soda and immediately pour a cup of white vinegar down.
  2. Or try using a plunger.  Make sure the plughole is covered in water to create an airtight seal for the plunger.  Block the overflow with a dish cloth.  Place the plunger over the plughole and gently push up and down.
  3. Or purchase a packet of soda crystals from a DIY shop or supermarket.  Dissolve in some boiling water and pour the solution down the plughole.

To avoid a blocked sink, don’t pour fat down the drain and place a strainer over your plughole to stop food going down.  These can also be used in showers to stop hair blocking the drain.

If you do call us out and the blocked sink has been caused by misuse, you will be re-charged.