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Developing new homes

We support the provision of homes across rural Leicestershire for those in housing need who wish to live in the communities where they currently live, have grown up, work or have close family ties.


Delivery of much needed affordable homes to villages helps to transform the lives of local people and benefits the local community.

Although we do not develop homes directly, we support partners who aim to create sustainable communities and not just build homes. We are committed to making both a positive economic and social difference to local communities, and this is a key focus of our work.

Track record and local focus

Our partners' track record of delivery is based on a development process that is tried and tested but flexible and able to cater for the unique nature of rural life.  We particularly work with Midlands Rural Housing on their work as strategic rural housing enabling partner in Leicestershire.

In an ever-changing sector LRHA's partners have been able to build hundreds of homes for local people in villages across Leicestershire.  Our aim is to work with communities and partners to make schemes that everyone can be proud of.