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Right to buy

 Right to Buy Update

Voluntary Right to Buy

At present there is still no formally agreed scheme regarding the Right to Buy for housing association tenants. This continues to be worked on by the National Housing Federation and the Government.

In order to ensure any scheme is fully tested the Government has proposed that a “regional pilot” take place. However, the location of such a pilot has yet to be confirmed. In addition, there has been no confirmation of the qualifying criteria that tenants must meet in order to be eligible for any scheme.

It is important to remember that any scheme that is introduced will be “voluntary” and individual housing associations will be able to decide which homes they can sell. In addition, there will be circumstances where homes cannot be sold – either due to legal restrictions or because they would be difficult to replace. This will include many rural locations. We will keep tenants informed of further progress, and publish our formal policy in due course.

The National Housing Federation has issued updated information to help answer any queries regarding the Voluntary Right to Buy roll out.

 The National Housing Federation Update. 

If you have any queries regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us.