Finding a home to rent

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Our association exists to provide affordable homes for local people.

  • Where does Leicestershire Rural Housing have affordable homes?

    Although we are an independent housing association, our affordable homes for rent are advertised and allocated through the relevant local authority’s choice-based lettings (CBL) system.

    We have homes in villages across Leicestershire.

    You can see a list of all the villages where we have affordable homes - please note this is a list of all our homes, NOT a list of currently available homes.

  • How to apply and local connection criteria

    We offer affordable homes to people living in our rural communities with a housing need.

    Most of our homes are subject to a Section 106 Planning Agreement which is entered into with local authorities and ensures that we provide housing for local people.

    This will normally restrict our homes to an applicant who:

    • Lives in the village
    • Works in the village
    • Previously lived in the village
    • Has close relatives in the village

    Each affordable housing scheme will have an individual 106 agreement, and these will normally specify how long the local connection must be i.e. Lived in the village for three years.

    How do I apply?

    Anybody interested in applying for one of our homes will need to be registered with their local authority’s choice-based lettings scheme to bid for available homes. When a suitable home becomes available in your village, you will be able to bid for it on their system.

    Once bidding closes, the council will provide us (the association) with a prioritised list of applicants. We will then interview the applicant(s) in their own home.

    How do I register with my local authority?

    You can find out how to register with your local authority on their website:

    Blaby District Council

    Charnwood Borough Council

    Harborough District Council

    Melton Borough Council

    North West Leicestershire District Council

    Rushcliffe Borough Council - HomeSearch

  • Homes advertised on Facebook

    We advertise some homes for rent on our Facebook page. Please follow our page to see the latest lettings.

    These homes will still need to be applied for through the local authority choice based letting system (see links in 'How to apply' section above).

  • Register your interest

    As all our homes are advertised and allocated through the relevant local authority’s choice-based lettings system, we don’t hold a waiting list, however we do keep a register of interest.

    If you’d like to register your interest with us, please complete our register of interest form (below). The form asks you about the type of home and location you're looking for as well as information about your current housing and your local connection to the village you're interested in.

    Please note you still need to register with your local authority.

    And, due to the often tight timings of letting our homes, we don’t always have time to contact everyone who has registered their interest with us, so please always keep your eye on the local authority / choice-based letting website.

Register of interest form:

As per our privacy policy. You can remove consent by contacting us
To be placed on our register of interest, the Association does require applicants to meet a strict section 106 local connection criteria. Please select from the following options your connection to the village you are applying for;