Home improvements


If you wish to make improvements, alterations or additions to your home, you must obtain our written permission before starting the work.

We won't refuse permission without a good reason, but we may grant permission that includes special conditions attached regarding the standard of the work.

You can send us a request below.

The work may also be subject to local authority planning and building regulation consent. It’s your responsibility to ensure that these are obtained. You'll also need our permission, and for some homes planning permission, to install a satellite dish.

We reserve the right to visit the property to assess the work being undertaken.

  • What if I'm behind on my rent payments?

    If your rent account is in arrears, you'll need to pay the arrears first before we'll consider your request for any improvements or alterations.

  • Are there any other improvement restrictions?

    Some developers may apply restrictive covenants on a scheme regarding making improvements (such as a conservatory or shed) and an administration fee may be charged by them to process an application.

    Always contact us in the first instance before making any alterations to your property.

  • Can I decorate without requesting permission?

    Yes, you're free to do any cosmetic decoration, without our consent (in accordance with your lease).

  • What happens if I move out?

    If you have made any alterations or improvements, check with us to see if you are expected to leave them in place or return the property to its original condition before you leave. Any missing fixtures will need to be replaced.

    Any work needed to get your home back to its original state must be carried out by a professional tradesperson (or Gas Safe registered engineer for gas appliances/installations).

Send us an alterations request:

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