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Appreciating the small things in life in Sharnford

little things in life

As there’s not been anywhere to go recently with all covid restrictions, one resident, Barbara Proctor, has found lots of ways to keep herself busy at home.

Barbara, who lives in Sharnford, has been taking part in a COVID research project since November last year. This involved getting a weekly test for five weeks and then a test once a month for a year. This was all done from the comfort of home with someone bringing the test kit to the door.

Barbara has made the most of lockdown catching up on LOTS of books, everything from Enid Blyton to the latest crime thrillers. Our Housing Officer Claire has even been bringing bags of books round, which are then passed on in the village.

Lockdown has also made Barbara appreciate the smaller things in life. Such as a lovely local friend who cooks her Sunday dinner every week and brings it round. And, when Barbara mentioned to her daughter that she was missing fish and chips, her daughter arranged for a friend to surprise her with a fish and chip supper!

When we caught up with Barbara, she told us:

“I decided to take part in the COVID research, so that other people might benefit from what I’m doing. It’s also quite reassuring to have a regular test.

“Lockdown hasn’t been too bad as I live in such a nice community. And I love being in my bungalow, it’s beautiful and so well designed. I enjoy sitting looking over the field and seeing all the different birds.

“But, as much as I love the village, I am REALLY looking forward to going on holiday, to a hotel, and being pampered and looked after!”

As we finished our conversation, Barbara was off to do some gardening and a bit of fence painting!