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Garden is a breath of fresh air in Husbands Bosworth

Leanne, Chris and daughters Ruby and Bonnie, moved into their new home in Husbands Bosworth at the end of September.

Moving from a second story flat, with no garden or lift, into their new home will transform life for the young family.

After living through lockdown with no outside space, a home with a garden is a breath of fresh air for them! And it’s the perfect location, with family in the village and close by, a park around the corner and a great school and village shop nearby.

Less than a month in, the family are busy decorating and working on the garden, which will soon have the addition of a playhouse which the girls are delighted about.

Leanne told us what the new house means for them, “Living here will make life so much easier. No more struggling with pushchairs up two flights of stairs, a proper kitchen with space to cook and easy car parking! But we’re most looking forward to enjoying the lovely garden and the girls having the freedom to run around.”

Leanne and daughter outside new home