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LRHA helps local couple stay in village

A local couple have found their ideal home in the village of Swannington thanks to Leicestershire Rural Housing Association.

John Cotterill and his wife, Linda, who is disabled, were worried they might have to leave the village, near Coalville, after having to move out of their previous property.

But instead they’ve moved into a two-bedroom bungalow less than a mile from their previous home!

John says: “We really wanted to stay in Swannington because we’ve lived here several years and know a lot of people.

“We’ve got a lot of friends in the village and my brother-in-law only lives a few miles away.  Moving away from the village would have been very hard.”

John and Linda were finding it increasingly difficult to manage the stairs in their previous property, so their new bungalow is ideal.

The couple moved in earlier in the summer and have already been busy making it feel like home.

John adds: “We’re both in our early seventies.  My wife is disabled and I have some health problems.  The bungalow will make our lives much easier and safer.

“We’ve completely redecorated the property since we moved in and it looks like new now.  We’re very happy here and feel secure for the rest of our lives.”